Exhibition - "Spacial-Dynamic"



Go Segawa


Go Segawa was born in 1970 in Saitama (Japan).


Graduate of L Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, Diplôme National Supérieur d Expression Plastique (2001). Diplôme d Etudes Supérieures Spécialisées (2004) at University of Rennes2, thesis entitled Creators of Artistic and Cultural Multi-media Products . Advanced studies at University of Paris 8: Master s degree in Virtual Reality (2006), and continuing research towards a Doctorate degree in the department Art and Technology of the Image .


Frontiers between 2D (painting) and 3D (sculpture), virtual and real spaces, illusion and materiality

I create sculptures in which one can simultaneously experience three conceptually different elements: the two-dimensional, the three-dimensional, and gravity. It unsettles our perception of space.

From the notions of painting and sculpture, I try to shift the drawing from a two-dimensional

space to the illusion of a three-dimensional space. Which raises the question of gravity?


By mixing those three elements, I thus create sculptures without gravity and sculptures in

volume in drawing.


Since 1999, I have been developing a series entitled D r a w i n g / v o l u m e . The limit

between two and three dimensions, a line (drawing) going through the real space, a heavy line (drawing), a volume with no gravity, etc. With several points of view and approaches, I have managed to determine this limit. I am currently working on my D r a w i n g /

v o l u m e sculpture, (of which I specifically design the model / which I specifically model) using a 3D simulation software.


The three dimensions of digital space may of course be thought of as just another illusion on the screen. And up to this point in my research, I was mainly concerned with antagonistic systems, with sculptures including two types of opposed elements: the material and the immaterial, weight and lightness, and so on. It is from within these two antagonistic systems that I gradually became more familiar with the notion of virtual space as an undetermined space, where perception is unsettled and must thus be reinterpreted. Go Segawa