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Living Systems

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the show in the
presence of the artists.

Opening reception 17 June 2023 from 15h - 18h

 Exhibition until 29.07.23

On the 29th of July the gallery will only be open until 16 h.


The attempt to control a system essentially leads to its disruption. Carola Brgi and Pierre Muckensturm playfully address the serial declination of modules, deconstructing a system without appearing to touch it. Through accumulations and layers, they reveal tipping points that break open the boundaries of meaning.

Muckensturm's repetitive and systematic use of structuring elements -
entasis, crenelated fret - generates an incomprehensible choreography that
uncovers the unreadable.

Brgi recycles waste materials - PET bottles and boxes - and, through plastic transparency, seeks a possible metamorphosis with metaphorical
expansions of meaning.
Sabine Arlitt (Art historian)


Solo Show

"Espace - Lumire"
16.09.23 - 04.11.23


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