Solo Show
Opening 24.09.22 / 15 - 18 H with introduction by
Sabine Arlitt, Art Historien at 16.30 H
Exhibition until 05.11.22
Poetic Dissolution of Limits - Sounding Light Spaces


In addition to metal and coloured plexiglass, Sascha Nordmeyer mainly uses plain, mostly white paper for his emphatically musical works, which he subverts as a medium. Everything is designed to create subtle contrasts in the service of light-driven events. Using digitally generated cutting data, he designs thoughtfully composed die-cuts that are oriented towards strict geometric forms and serial structures, but at the same time open up a kind of poetic kinetics that transports us into spaces that are virtually floating, intangible. The punch lines follow circular shapes and elongated ovals reminiscent of helices, and are pierced by hand. A small base always remains, allowing the cut-out shapes to be broken off and folded in the most diverse ways. Constantly changing rhythms, movements, vibrations and tensions are triggered. Geometry transforms into organic vitality: timeless, spiritual, essential. 

Sabine Arlitt (art historian)




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