Hellmut Bruch  

The language of light

We are pleased to present works of Hellmut Bruch in this first solo
exhibition in the gallery.

"The central themes are light and proportions which refer to natural laws and take shape in "elementary open forms". The "golden section" of this almost forgotten, universal and classical law of harmony, which man has copied from nature, I use again and again. It belongs to the laws of form formation of nature. What interests me about light and the laws of nature is their "immateriality" in interaction with the "materiality" of the perceptible. Because I refer to the reality of the immaterial, my works are not reduced representations or abstractions of the visible but follow those prerequisites that give shape to the material world and shape it. The "open forms" thus created build on universal constants and lead to infinity."
Hellmut Bruch

20.10.18 - 01.12.18