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Hanna Roeckle 

 06.03.2021 - 17.04.2021

Closing of the show and presentation of the new catalogue in the
presence of the artist 17.04.21 / 13 - 17 h 

Introduction by Dr. Angelika Affentranger-Kirchrath
(Curator and art publicist) at 15 h

The sculptures by Hanna Roeckle on display in Galerie La Ligne belong to the works series Polyhedrons, Rosetta, Crystalline Needles and Scutoids. All are formed from triangular faces that meet at acute angles as prisms. They can be assembled to form free-standing columns or lengthened to form needles that visitors encounter as wall objects. With their smooth, mirror-like surfaces, they create painterly views and both reflect and absorb their surroundings. They open themselves up to the space around them and incorporate it into themselves.

In their aesthetic perfection, they appear hermetic at first sight, but their mysterious and unfathomable depths quickly reveal themselves to those who engage with them. In her works, Hanna Roeckle transforms the thoughts that assail her and the perturbing questions she has for herself and the world into clearly structured forms. 

Dr. Angelika Affentranger-Kirchrath

Texts by: Angelika Affentranger, Dominique von Burg, Christoph Doswald and more.

Book design: Peter Zimmermann


A glance of the catalogue and the exhibition in the Galerie La Ligne


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