We are pleased to inform you that the gallery will be reopened on Friday 15 May 2020 in compliance with the BAG guidelines.
From this date the gallery will provisionally be open on
Friday from 13 to 18 hrs. and on Saturday from 12 to 17 hrs.
Wednesday and Thursday by appointment.




Exhibition extention until 13.06.20


Work Phosphčnes part of the exhibition



The artist's new series entitled "phosphčnes", are works like inner lights shooting up from a fountain. The artist creates these works with closed eyes in complete relaxation in a room without any distinct light sources. The light from outside plays no role in the perception of the luminous sensations and the "seeing" of the colours with closed eyes. The virtual complementary colours in circular forms become works in a square and this in complete relaxation, creating an inner peace until a liberated feeling of emptiness.

Text excerpt from the speech by Sabine Arlitt (art historian)



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