Galerie La Ligne




Go Segawa

Jean-Luc Bruckert

Marco Grassi

Alain-Jacques LÚvrier-Mussat

 A journey of discovery into new forms of expression and perceptionis presented in geh gallery with the works of these four artists. Let the works surprise you! 

We look forward to welcoming you at the opening in the presence of the artists and to present these innovations to you. 

Opening 23.06.18 - 15 to 18.30 H

Exhibition until 28.07.18

Vera Molnar, Chrtistian Megert, Perez-Flores,

Hanna Roeckle, Ode Bertrand, Aurelie Nemours

Sonia Delaunay, Fabrice Ainaut, geometrische Kunst

Ausstellung Zürich, Serena Amrein, Carola Bürgi

Vacossin, Bardula, Ueli Gantner, Viktor Hulik

Art Paris, Go Segawa, Carola Bürgi, Roger Vilder